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Gas Heater Repair Services for Amarillo, TX

Have you noticed that your gas heater is leaking? Maybe you have increased energy bills and you aren’t sure why. When you have these types of issues, trust High Plains Plumb Right to handle your gas heater repairs. Instead of calling the gas company, our team will come quickly for reliable gas heater repair services.

Although we’re plumbers, the experts at High Plains Plumb Right in Amarillo, TX can fix your gas heaters, including gas space heaters. Our owner used to be an HVAC technician, so he has the knowledge and skills needed to repair your gas piping and heaters safely and correctly. When your gas heater is leaking, call us for reliable gas heater repair service, pipe repair, and replacement!
Gas Heater Repair Amarillo, TX

Why Should You Trust Us With Your Gas Heater Repairs?

The plumbers at High Plains Plumb Right offer reliable gas heater repair and other gas services for Amarillo, TX residents. You should turn to us because:
  • We’re faster than the gas company.
  • We won’t need to shut off your gas service to perform repairs.
  • We don’t charge service fees.
Reach out to us today to bring the heat back to your home or business ASAP.
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